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We Build Operate & Transfer DTT - Digital Terresterial Television DTH - Direct To Home DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting OTT - Over The Top RT - Rural Telephony SPS - Solar Power Systems

Products & Services

Satellite Teleport and VSAT Services
Future-proof ground segment infrastructure and Multiservice Satellite Platform
Satellite Teleport and VSAT Services

K-NET owns and operates a world-class Satellite Teleport located in the capital city of Ghana, Accra. The Teleport has multiple Earth Station Antennae (ESA), Radio Frequency Transmitters (RFT) and multiple VSAT hubs which are fully integrated for various service delivery on any satellite. Our teleport is satellite operator agnostic.

We offer:
• VSAT Hub Lease (HNO & VNO) Services
• VSAT Managed Services
• Space Tracking Station services
• Earth Station Antenna Lease
• 24x7 Global NOC with TAC assistance

A home to over 200+ TV Broadcasters, both Local, Regional and International
Broadcasting Infrastructure Services

Leveraging on our future-proof resilient satellite teleport infrastructure, We deliver various broadcast services regardless of the technology, DVB-S/2X or IP. Presently, K-NET is a home to over 200+ TV broadcasters.

• Direct-To-Home (DTH)
• Broadcast Turnkey Solutions
• Distribution to Headends
• Distribution to DTT Towers
• Satellite & OTT Solutions

• Satellite Newsgathering
• Fixed Broadcast Contribution
• File & Media Exchange
• IP Newsgathering

• OB VAN Solutions
• Remote Production
• Multiservice solutions (video, audio, and file sharing)

Connecting remote communities in Sub-Sahara Africa with 2G/3G/4G LTE network services
Rural Telephony & Mobile Backhauling

We are the architects of the ITU award-wining “Managed Rural ICT Infrastructure Deployment” (MRIID) solution that provides rural telephony service for people in very remote and unserved communities in within a country. This solution has been known to bridge the rural-urban divide, leading to a total transformation of the lifestyles of inhabitants within rural communities. We currently have installations in Ghana, Liberia & Sierra Leone.

Value We Deliver
• Best UX with highest throughput with optimization & acceleration features
• Lowest TCO via unique operational efficiency with gridless power supply
• We build, integrate and operate the end-to-end rural telephony network
• Seamless integration into GSM infrastructure, edge computing and applications
• Enable various business models and value-added services to the rural communities

Innovative technology mix for seamless high-speed data connectivity
NSP – ISP – VSAT Services

K-NET is a licensed ISP with remarkable experience in the deployment of Internet and Data Network services.

Our Internet service, Wide Area network service, and VSAT services, are designed to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our NOC is a modern, ISO-certified data centre with full-fledged facilities, currently hosting various applications and services for many corporate organizations within Ghana & surrounding countries.

We offer 24x7 monitoring and technical support through our global TAC.

Value We Deliver
• Highest speed and reliable IP data services via, Fibre cable, Microwave Radios, 4G LTE & VSAT
• Efficient and effective use of space segment
• Shared bandwidth from very low to very high throughput, low jitter, high QoE
• Seamless integration into terrestrial infrastructure with advanced IP features
• Fast, easy deployments for any network size

Stay connected to your devices and applications, and make informed decisions based on real-time data
IOT Services

We offer cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to businesses and organizations across Africa.

Our IoT service is supported by the Ayecka hub, a Next generation IoT satellite platform Powered by AYECKA’S patented RFModem® technology that enables cost effective IoT connectivity as well as a wide band return channel for video and other high bit rate applications.

The solution integrates all the elements required for remote IOT terminals in a single outdoor unit designed to operate with small DTH type of reflectors, withstand harsh conditions, and wide temperature range.

The product Supports the latest Standards in SATCOM, designed as a software defined radio.

Providing constant power to critical communication and information systems of our lives.
Solar Power Systems

KNET has partnered with leading independent electric power technology manufactures to design, build and operate reliable, simple and robust power systems that argument grid-power supply to telecom base stations (BTS) and broadcasting transmission sites.

We offer OFF-Grid, Hybrid and Grid-Tie solar systems for any power requirement on today’s market.

Our solar energy system provides uninterrupted power supply, even when the sun isn't shining. During the day, the load runs on solar power, and at night it is supported by battery backup.

In case of prolonged bad weather or lack of sun, our inverter automatically starts the generator to charge the battery for a short period, ensuring your power supply remains uninterrupted. The inverter then turns off while all loads remain connected, providing a seamless transition.

If the solar system fails completely, our automatic generator starts immediately, ensuring all your loads continue to run without any interruption.

Once the solar power failure is resolved, our system automatically reconnects all loads to the inverter, ensuring you continue to receive reliable and sustainable power supply.

Seamless Connectivity for All
Why partner with us
Key network infrastructure

Owners of key network infrastructure with footprints across East, West & Central African Countries.

Delivering Quality Services

We pride ourselves in delivering quality services, therefore strictly adhering to all SLA agreements

Developing an effective strategy

We are integrators, i.e., we utilise a wide range of different technologies to provide an effective solution for our clients.

Automated testing and support

We deliver world-class telecommunication services. Global 24/7 State-of-the-art Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Technical Assistance Centre (TAC)